Because Health Is Everything


Alternative health methods are an integral part of my life. Systemic candidiasis, hormonal imbalance, the overwhelmingly poor food industry, and adrenal failures are only a few of the prevalent issues I have personally dealt with and some I am still dealing with.

I was born with candidiasis. For years, beginning in childhood, conventional medical treatments did not provide a cure for my symptoms. While my symptoms kept getting worse and the illness increased in severity, the doctors continued with practices that were not helping. Some even told me that “some people have to learn to live with it”! WHAT? Now that’s just plain WRONG.

I finally received sound advice when my Chiropractor referred me to a holistic practitioner. Through a series of what the traditional medical world would label as unconventional tests, I was diagnosed with Systemic Candidiasis. By following a strict diet and taking natural tinctures and supplements I was finally able to live a productive life with no pain, no repeated illness, and normal body functions. I was finally healthier!

If it had not been for alternative medicine, I am convinced I would be living a life filled with one pill for this symptom, another pill to alleviate the side effects of the first pill, a third pill for the second pill’s side effects and so on, plus additional pills to mask the other medical issues I was facing. Or even worse, I might be dead due to the harm my actual condition was doing to my body.

Candidiasis, in reader’s digest condensed version and in very simplified terms, is a condition where the bad flora in your intestinal tract becomes so overpopulated that the good flora cannot keep it in check. The good and bad flora are present to keep each other balanced and as nature planned it, after death the bad flora takes over and decomposes the body. My body was trying to decompose itself during life, not after!

It was only through alternative practices and ideas that I was able to bring balance to my system and to finally obtain overall health.

We live in a culture that prescribes a man-made, synthetic pill for every ache, pain, and symptom you complain to your doctor about. I am not saying that some of these are not beneficial. Some are. I am not a doctor and I am not saying you should not seek out medical advice. However, maybe the advice should come from a better source, i.e., a better doctor.

Logically speaking, our bodies are not set up to be taking pills every day for the rest of our lives. This is a band-aid effect, not an actual diagnosis resulting in a cure. Our conventional medical practices are set up to be reactive, not proactive. Big pharma has ensured its profits in the billions of dollars by teaching the medical profession to prescribe all of their drugs. Drugs that are patented, give a percentage of the profits back to the prescribing doctors and are sustainable (meaning you have to buy continuously to help your condition!).

Think about how many cases of cancer are diagnosed each year and how it is increasing exponentially. What causes fibromyalgia? Chron’s disease? Why is the average United States citizen so overweight at a very young age; as children? Many factors contribute to any of these conditions. Our systems need balance…healthy nutritious food, vitamins, minerals. The low fiber, empty calories in all the processed white food, seeds genetically modified (GMO) to include pesticides (one of which is a chemical in Agent Orange – a known carcinogen from the Vietnam war), mercury in fish, and so on are slowly killing us. We are ingesting toxins and pesticides as we eat! Cold cuts and processed meats contain sodium nitrite, a known carcinogen since the 1960s. And all of this is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). A government agency states it is ok for us to eat poison!

For me this is unacceptable. And it should be unacceptable for you too.

These are only some of the reasons I conscientiously search for natural approaches to health and well being. Through education, fact collecting, and logical thinking about the possible outcomes, I select specific materials to educate and supplements to aid in creating a healthy life. whole organic grainsBy purchasing organic produce and non-GMO whole grains, nuts, and berries there is less of a chance of ingesting toxins that harm our systems.

Reasonable use of pharmaceuticals only when absolutely necessary combined with holistic remedies ensures healthy recovery. Curing, not band-aiding provides us with healthy lives. If altering your diet means health without the daily intake of pills, common sense tells us to alter our diet. As a society we need to WAKE UP to the fact that the average American lifestyle is slowly killing us, not benefiting us. We need to understand that any agency set up to make huge profits, is NOT looking out for our well-being.

Again, think about it…what did everyone do before Big Pharma? Before GMOs (genetically modified organisms)? Even before antibiotics? Times were harder then. More dangerous. Fewer defenses. Fewer weapons in mass production, available for purchase at the corner store. Somehow human beings survived then. Cured infections, remained healthy, worked hard. And all they had at their disposal were natural, homeopathic remedies. Hmm…




Balance is key.

Natural products are essential.

NOTE: I work with many websites. Some are material sources that I receive no monetary compensation for using, reviewing, and suggesting their products. Others I do receive compensation from as an affiliate. Other products my family and I use and sell ourselves. Products I suggest—written material, supplements, organics, other health sources—are either personally used or have been reviewed resulting, in my opinion, to be good products.

As always, consult with your doctor before starting any new medical, natural, or homeopathic regime. I even suggest getting a second, third, or fourth opinion from various practitioners before making a final decision.